Top 5 Jobs Hiring Now at Indeed

You’re only telling yourself that “there’s no job” because you’re not looking at the right places. Gone are the days when you have to burn the heat with a CV looking for job opportunities. Sometimes, it took forever to land mediocre salary-jobs. How about you change the jinx by checking online for promising employment opportunities?  … Read more

How to Begin Online Tutoring Jobs for Beginners

Teaching beats any other job, hands down. Online tutoring combines the joys of teaching with flexibility and none of the classroom chaos. Decide if you’re starting solo or joining a platform. Going solo means more work but potentially higher rewards. Choose your subject based on what you know and can teach well. Qualifications help, but … Read more

4 Platforms to Start Transcription Jobs Online and Earn

Transcription is a broad field that includes categories such as edited transcription, verbatim transcription, intelligent verbatim transcription, and phonetic transcription, all of which have unique requirements. Besides being a good listener, you need computer skills to succeed in a transcription role. Besides speed, basic language understanding and grammar proficiency are important to deliver the high-quality … Read more