Mobile Security Tips Every Employee Should Know

  Employee mobile device security is something that every company should constantly be monitoring to ensure that any vulnerabilities are easily fixable in the event of a breach. Given how much time we spend on our phones for personal and work-related needs, companies need to have rules to keep their data safe. If you need … Read more

Wired vs Wireless Keyboard and Mouse

While setting up your work space, one of the decisions you have to make when purchasing your equipment is wired vs wireless, especially for your internet, keyboard and mouse. Your choice greatly affects your efficiency and the look of your workspace. Let’s look at a few factors that affect your choice. Budget At the same … Read more

I bought a fake phone, what next?

Great! You fell for that iPhone or Android smartphone with wonderful specs going for a mouth-watering price only to discover that you’ve bought a clone / fake. It happens even to the best of us. Clones are getting more common so it was only a matter of time before you came across one. What is … Read more

Why you should get a TV Box

Cable subscriptions are just not worth it anymore. They’ve been nothing but exploitative for as long as they’ve existed in my opinion. Online streaming platforms have taken over and if you buy data subscriptions (which you most likely do), you could as well opt for a TV Box. What is a TV Box? Its an … Read more

Should you root your new Android phone?

Congratulations on your new smartphone. I take it the reason you’re considering rooting your new Android phone is because you heard that it opens up more features to you…does it? In this piece, I’ll explain what rooting is, why you should consider it and why you should avoid it. You should then be in a … Read more

Tips for choosing your next phone

One question I tend to get a lot is “which phone do you recommend I buy?”. The answer is unfortunately not as straightforward as you might hope. In this article, I’ll highlight the factors to consider, hopefully, this will help you make a decision. Budget I usually start here and for good reasons. No matter … Read more