What Writing Scholarships and How to Apply

Many high school students interested in writing choose to pursue a college education to shape their skills.


Some of these students have the hope of becoming writers and some need writing to complement certain fields.

Maybe you need it for freelancing whatever you need a chance to grow that skill and writing scholarships make a good option.

About Writing Scholarships

Writing scholarships offer financial aid to aspiring writers or those in writing-intensive fields.


Writing Scholarships

They support students studying writing as a major or minor, or even as a hobby.

Can You Get a Scholarship for Writing?

Numerous scholarships are available for college students pursuing writing careers or interested in enhancing their writing skills.

How to Apply for Writing Scholarships

Each scholarship has different eligibility requirements, so always check before applying. Applications may require essays or writing samples.

How to Get a Writing Scholarship

Check deadlines and eligibility criteria before applying to maximize your chances.

Some scholarships are field-specific, while others are open to all students. 

Specific scholarships have smaller applicant pools, increasing your chance of success.

Best Writing Scholarships

  • Jean Allison Memorial Scholarship
    • Amount: $4,000
    • Eligibility: Graduates or recent students of Muleshoe High School facing adversity but persevering toward a better future.
  • Eligibility: High school seniors from West Virginia planning to study journalism or English.
    • Eligibility: Creative high school seniors interested in finding innovative solutions to today’s problems.
    • Eligibility: Undergraduate students pursuing an art-related major at the State University of New York at New Paltz.
  • Bold Wise Words Scholarship
    • Amount: $500
    • Eligibility: Students passionate about deep thinking and making a positive impact on the world.


  • How to Find Writing Scholarships: Search the scholarships page or browse the “Writing” category. Check your university’s financial aid office for school-specific scholarships.
  • When Can I Start Applying: Students over 14 can apply for scholarships. High school juniors and seniors should start researching and applying as soon as possible. College students can apply throughout their academic careers.
  • How Do I Know if I’m Eligible: Check the scholarship description for eligibility requirements. Some scholarships require specific fields of study or writing samples.
  • What Do I Have to Do to Apply: Follow the instructions in the scholarship description. Some may require essays or previous work submissions. Always check the details for each scholarship.

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