Shasta College Foundation Scholarship for International Students in the USA for 2023/2024

Shasta College is introducing the Shasta College Foundation Scholarship for the academic year beginning in 2023 in response to the fact that overseas students have financial challenges while pursuing their desire to study abroad.

Shasta College Foundation Scholarships are available to international students who plan to start their undergraduate studies there in the fall semester. To be considered, applicants must hold an F1 visa and have a GPA of at least 3.5. The winning contestant can anticipate getting a $3,000 prize.

With satellite campuses in Burney, Weaverville, and Red Bluff, Shasta College is a public community college located in Redding, California. It was established in 1950 and eventually relocated to a much larger facility, with the former campus serving as the new site of Shasta High School.

Approximately 8,865 students of all ages attend Shasta College, including regular college students, high school kids who are also enrolled in classes, older re-entry students, and continuing education students who are just taking classes for pleasure.

In addition to vocational programs, the institution offers a wide range of transfer-level and pre-transfer-level classes and programs. To transfer to universities after two years, the college attracts a lot of recent high school graduates. The college is one of the few California Community Colleges to have a dormitory, although many students commute from their homes to the institution. Shasta College has a robust athletics department with many different sports programs. The knight represents the school. LINK TO APPLY

The music program at Shasta College, which offers a symphony orchestra, band, choir, music theory, piano, and guitar studies, is possibly its most well-known feature. It is the location of one of the biggest community bands in the US, with over 100 members.

Shasta College welcomed visitors to the brand-new Health, Sciences & University Complex in Downtown Redding on August 20, 2007. It is a division of Southern Oregon University, the Oregon Institute of Technology, and CSU Chico.

A prize worth $3,000 will be given to the winner, who will be picked by Shasta College.

Eligibility for Shasta College Foundation Scholarship
Foreign students may apply for a Shasta College Foundation Scholarship from any eligible nation.
Students can apply to undergraduate study programs at Shasta College for eligible courses or subjects.
Eligibility Requirements: To be considered for a Shasta College Foundation Scholarship, applicants must fulfill all the requirements listed below:
The candidates must have a fall semester admissions plan to Shasta College.
It will be anticipated that the applicants are legitimate F-1 visa holders.
Shasta College Foundation Scholarship – Application Procedure
After submitting their admissions application, candidates who wish to be considered for a Shasta College Foundation Scholarship must also submit a scholarship application form.
Supporting Documents: Two (2) letters of recommendation, an essay, and the most current unofficial school transcript are required of applicants.
The applicants must have a cumulative grade point average (GPA) of 3.5 or higher to be admitted.
Students must submit their results from the following English language proficiency exams:
IELTS – 5.0




PTE – 44

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