How can i get free scholarships abroad? Yes you can

You can get free scholarships abroad, just do the right thing. If you’ve been following this website, you’ll notice that we’ve been discussing scholarships to study abroad. In most of my articles, I’ve discussed different courses you can study abroad through scholarship.

how can I get free scholarships abroad

However, I’ll be talking about mathematics scholarship. Are you a mathematics student, looking for a university abroad that offers a scholarship? Yes, there are several universities abroad that offer scholarships to mathematics students around the world. Click here to get more details.

All mathematics students around the world looking for a good school that can offer them scholarships abroad, you can find it in this article. I’ve observed that several people from around the world wish to study abroad.

However, because the school fees of most universities abroad are high, it has discouraged a lot of people. The good news is that you can study abroad without paying your school fees.

They’re some governmental and non-governmental organization, universities can decide to assist some people to study abroad. And this is through a scholarship program set out to help individuals.

Below are some of the universities abroad that offer scholarships to mathematics students. Both international and national students can benefit from it.

However, as you follow me gradually in this article, you’ll see some of this university and how you can be awarded a scholarship in any of the schools that’ll be listed.

How can I get free scholarships abroad?
If you really want to study abroad and you ask this kind of question? Just read on and get the details.

Commonwealth Master’s Scholarship: this is the type of scholarship that the University of Dundee offers. Applicants who are from low and middle income. Commonwealth will take charge of their master’s program in mathematics. However, they’ll also cover the individual’s one-year tuition fee and also monthly allowances and travel fund.
Edinburgh Global Undergraduate Mathematics Scholarship: this scholarship program is up to over $ 6,350 per year. It’s available for an applicant who is from countries outside European Union. Firstly, the student must accept to study mathematics at the University of Edinburgh as a full-time student.
China scholarship Council UCL Joint Scholarship: this scholarship is open for applicants who’re from the people’s republic of china studying any mathematics subject at UCL. All the successful candidates will the asked to return to China to work after their graduation.
DAAD Country-relating cooperation program with Argentina: this scholarship is only open to applicants from Argentina who want to study mathematics. Also, applicants will be allowed to choose any other course aside from mathematics to apply for.

TOPOLINO Scholarship: it’s only open for students at Politecnico di Torino in Italy. That wants to study mathematics or any other related course. The successful candidates will receive $9,000 per year.

To study in North America
Winston Churchill Foundation of the US scholarship program: this scholarship is only open to applicant who is US citizen. Any citizen who wants to apply must apply for an undergraduate course in STEM subjects.
Masergy Company’s STEM scholarship program: this scholarship is open for applicants who have been accepted into an accredited American college or university. Also, the applicant must choose to study a Stem subject. However, this scholarship is worth $5,000
Fullbright Foreign Student Scholarship program USA: this scholarship program is mostly open for international students who want to do their master’s or Ph.D. In case you’re interested, you can apply through this scholarship program to study at US universities.
Boston University’s Noyce Scholarship Program in Math: if your US STEM students who want to be mathematics teachers can apply for this scholarship. All successful applicants will get full tuition support in their master’s degree and initial teacher license.
SCU International Women in STEM scholarship: all-female international students who want to apply for an undergraduate or postgraduate course in Canada can apply for this scholarship. You’ll have a more added advantage if you want to apply for STEM subject at Southern Cross University. Those successful will receive 8,000 fee reductions every year.
McCall MacBain Scholarship: This scholarship program is mainly for Canadian graduates that want to apply for a postgraduate course at McGill University.
There are over hundreds of universities that offer scholarships to both international and their citizen. In case you want to apply for any of these scholarship programs, you can simply visit their site to apply.

All you have to do is to put the name of the scholarship program and the school you want to apply to on your browser. I’m wishing you good luck with your application

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