Quick Ways to Fix “Unfortunately App Has Stopped” On Android

“Unfortunately System UI has stopped working.” “Unfortunately Messenger has stopped working.” “Snapchat keeps stopping.” These are just some of the notorious issues that make using our Android phones irritating sometimes. And while many things could cause the issue, it’s likely due to a buggy app, system glitches, low storage, and others.


Are you also facing the “Unfortunately app has stopped issue” on your Android phone? Keep calm! The fixes we’ll share here today will help you out! Just sit back and try them one after the other.

Restart your phone

When you encounter the “System UI has stopped working” (or any app for that matter) on your phone, it’s likely because of a system glitch. Maybe the system was overworked or ran into an unfamiliar problem. If that’s the case, then restarting your phone could do wonders.

  • You can force restart most Android phones by long-pressing the Power button for about 10 seconds (more or less).
  • If that didn’t work:
    • Long-press the Power button until you see a menu.
    • From there, tap on (Some phones may require you to “swipe” instead.

In most cases, restarting your phone can help fix system issues. Yes, it does so, since it quits all running apps and refreshes the system. If the app keeps stopping afterward, try the next solutions!


Check for low storage and RAM

Among other things we’ll mention here, your apps are likely to keep crashing or stopping if your phone is on low RAM or storage. So, before you continue troubleshooting, ensure you have enough storage left on your phone.

Also, ensure you’re not running way too many background apps/processes than your phone can handle.

Update the Android system WebView app

The Android unfortunately app stopped issue also sprung up back in March 2021, making many users lose access to their apps. Thankfully, the problem was traced to a faulty Android System WebView app, which is a core feature for many Google and other apps. Nonetheless, it wasn’t long after that Google released an update to fix the issue.

So, if an app keeps stopping, crashing, or slowing down on your phone, updating the Android System WebView app could help.

Head over to the Play Store to do so.

  • Launch the Play Store app on your phone.
  • Tap your profile icon in the top right.
  • Click “Manage apps & device”
  • Then, select “Updates available”
  • Find “Android System WebView” on the list and tap the Update button to update it.
  • You can also tap the “Update all” button to install all app updates. (We’ll talk more about that in a bit)

We recommend restarting your phone once again to apply the full functionality of the System WebView update. Also, if you face issues with most Google apps, we recommend you update Google Play Services and Chrome.

If your phone says “Unfortunately app has stopped” afterward, try the next solution.

Ensure the affected app is up-to-date

As well as updating the Android System WebView app, also ensure the affected app is up to date. (In fact, you should update all your apps.) Though techs are always advancing, they cannot be 100% perfect. So, when apps stop working, crash, or slow down on your, it could result from bugs or system incompatibility.

But thankfully, developers are almost relentless and probably have provided an update to fix such bugs. Kindly visit the Play Store as said above to update the affected app.

Check the Date & Time on Your Phone

Sometimes, this error also emerges due to the wrong date and time on the device. If your phone’s date & time are not synced with the Google Server, then your app may experience problems while launching or updating.

  • Open the phone’s Settings.
  • Go to the Additional Settings.
  • Tap on the Date & time.
  • Here, enable the Use network-provided time and Use network-provided time zone options.

Check the SD card

This error can also relate to a corrupted memory card. If the memory card is corrupted, then any apps that write to the memory card will suffer this kind of error.

To check this, simply remove the memory card and launch the app that has stopped working. If it works, then you have your culprit. If this turns out to be the case, you’ll need a new memory card, but you should still be able to transfer the data from your memory card to your PC as a backup.

Of course, if you don’t use an SD card, then skip ahead to the next step.

Clear the app’s cache & data

Sometimes, the cached data of an app could cause it to malfunction, such as when it won’t load, keeps stopping, or keep crashing. If that’s the case, all you need is to reset the cached data as follows. 

  • Fire up your phone Settings
  • Tap the Apps & Notifications
  • Tap See all apps (Or any option available to view your apps list)
  • Now, select the affected app on the list. E.g., Google, WhatsApp, or whatever.
  • Next, Storage & Cache
  • And finally, tap the option to “Clear cache”. Don’t initiate the “Clear data” button for now.

You can now close and restart the malfunctioning app to see if it no longer shut down. If it does, you may use the “Clear data” button to reset the app. However, kindly note that it’ll erase the app’s data.

Rollback the app’s update

While updating our apps brings new features and improved functionalities, it could, sometimes, introduce bugs too. And when that happens, you only can do two things: wait for the next update, or roll back to the old version. Sounds crazy, right? Not really.

However, the Google Play Store doesn’t let you downgrade your apps; so, you’ll need to sideload the app from a third-party site like APKMirror. More so, kindly note that downgrading an app requires you to uninstall it first, meaning you’ll lose your data.

If you’re cool with that, here’s how to downgrade your app to fix the “Unfortunately app has stopped” problem.

  • First, uninstall the affected app on your phone.
  • Visit and search for the app you want to download.
  • Find the older version of the app and download its APK file.
  • Install the file manually. (You may need to allow installation from an unknown source)

However, installing apps from outside the Play Store isn’t advisable, as some online sites modify the apps. But if you must, APK Mirror is a trusted site. 

Update your phone software

If your phone still says “Unfortunately app has stopped” after trying all the solutions above, then you might want to check for system updates. Like updating your apps, system updates introduce system stability, extra features, bug fixes, etc.

so, if you’re running an old build of your phone’s software, it’s likely you’re missing out on key features and stabilities. Especially if the problem is on a system level, such as when the System UI has stopped on Android, we recommend installing the latest update on your phone.

Here’s how to do it.

  • Fire up your phone’s
  • Tap on System, then select System Update.
  • Check for online updates. And if any, download and install it straight away.

Remove Unwanted Launcher

Sometimes, you face this sort of error due to having more than one launcher on your phone. If your device has more launchers then it is better to remove that unwanted launcher from your device. Use your default launcher:

  • Launch the Settings app > go to the Apps.
  • Choose launcher >>hit on the Uninstall button.

Take your phone to the experts

Lastly, if you still face the “Unfortunately, the app has stopped” problem on your Android phone, you’d want to try Factory Reset. But that’s not always a nice solution, especially if the problem persists on just an app. Resetting your phone requires lots of sacrifices, such as backing up and restoring your data, setting up your library again, signing in to every account, and a host of others.

Nonetheless, there’s a better option. If none of the solutions above could stop your apps from crashing, stopping, or slowing down repeatedly, we’d refer you to visit the service center to seek professional help.

At first, the problem seems simple. But now, it’s almost the opposite. Don’t worry though, as a professional knows what to do in that step. They may need to reload your phone software, or do any other technical stuff.


Finally, you have the best ways to fix the “Unfortunately, <app name> has stopped” error. Before you try to perform factory try using the other methods. This error even appears due to a bug in the app, in that case, report the bug to the developer.



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