Wired vs Wireless Keyboard and Mouse

While setting up your work space, one of the decisions you have to make when purchasing your equipment is wired vs wireless, especially for your internet, keyboard and mouse. Your choice greatly affects your efficiency and the look of your workspace. Let’s look at a few factors that affect your choice.



At the same quality, the wireless components are mostly more expensive than their wired counterparts. This doesn’t mean you might not find exceptions.


You’re more likely to find the wired keyboard and mouse smoother to use than their wireless components. This is because of a faster and more consistent data transfer, also lack of interference.

If precision is a big thing for your project or gaming experience then you should think wired. This is because wireless keyboards and mice go into hibernation when not in active use and have to wake before resuming input. Those few seconds over several episodes add up really quickly. You might also notice some jittering on your mouse, making it more difficult to focus.



If you’ll be working far away from the computer then wireless would definitely do it for you. Its also more ideal for working on-the-go and and across multiple devices.


Wireless keyboards and mice clinch victory here. Wires can make your workspace look disorganized. You’ll have to do a lot of folding and wire-grouping to achieve a level of sanity on your desktop.


If you must go with a wireless keyboard and mouse, I suggest you go for WiFi over Bluetooth (for faster and smoother response) and rechargeable vs battery powered (for cost efficiency).


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