Why you should get a TV Box

Cable subscriptions are just not worth it anymore. They’ve been nothing but exploitative for as long as they’ve existed in my opinion. Online streaming platforms have taken over and if you buy data subscriptions (which you most likely do), you could as well opt for a TV Box.


What is a TV Box?

Its an Android powered device which enables you run Android apps. Its a cheap way to convert your regular HDMI enabled TV to a smart TV. You simply hook the TV box to your TV (making your TV act as the display) and you’re live.

What can I do with a TV Box?

Think of a TV Box like your Android smartphone connected to a wide display. You have access to Google Play Store which opens up a wide range of apps for you to enjoy. Sports, Games, Netflix, Youtube,  Video conferencing… its up to you to customize your TV box as you see fit.

How much does a TV Box cost?

There are many brands on the market. You can get a nice box for as little as $30 to test the waters. My first TV box (MXQ Pro) cost about that and is still working great since I purchased it back in 2018.


How can I save data consumption on a TV Box?

One of the first questions new TV Box users have is how to reduce data consumption. The thing is, you don’t need a very expensive data subscription to enjoy your TV Box. A few tips to help you save data on your TV box are:

  1. Download instead of stream: I’ve found out that I save more data when I download – say a movie- instead of streaming it. This is because downloading not only gives me preferred quality (size) options but allows me rewind, forward or re-watch without consuming any more data.
  2. Adjust your stream quality preference: If you must stream, look out for any setting on the app that allows you reduce the video resolution. This not only reduces how much data is consumed but also buffering.

Have you ever used a TV Box? If not, are you considering one?


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